Our Everyday Standards: Efficiency, Competency, and Integrity

Grafe Auction Company is a full service marketing company. We pride ourselves on ensuring our client's complete satisfaction from the initial contact through final accounting and site clean-up.

One of our specialties is the food service industry; including supermarkets, production bakeries, meat plants, dairies, restaurants, food production facilities and distribution centers. These sectors of the auction industry have been a mainstay of our operations. The ability to rely on in-house expertise to quickly assess values and best course of action for clients to maximize returns on assets have made Grafe the nation's largest food service liquidator.

In addition to the services highlighted in this section we offer: appraisals, liquidations, rigging, warehousing, transportation, sealed bid sales, asset disposition and supermarket design.

From one piece or equipment to an entire facility, if you need it sold, moved, stored, or installed you have found one company to do it all.


Our Everyday Standards: Efficiency, Competency, and Integrity

Since 1959 Grafe Auction Company has been a leader in the commercial auction industry. Grafe Auction has conducted thousands of successful auctions for large corporations, financial institutions and small business owners. Grafe Auction consistently brings qualified buyers into a competitive arena to maximize your asset values.

Grafe Auction Company's unique auction methods stimulate markets and achieve immediate positive financial objectives. They combine powerful factors that work for you!

  1. Speed and Economy. Assets are marketed and sold within weeks, resulting in reduced carrying costs and overhead.

  2. Urgency. Assets are sold on a specified day and time. This creates motivation not available through other methods.

  3. Intense Exposure. An auction is proactive. A full-scale marketing effort brings together qualified bidders who compete against each other fueled with the immediacy of the circumstances.

  4. Retail Buyers. The retail buyer is looking for discounts on assets available as new or used through the wholesale market. Retail buyers provide higher returns for clients over traditional liquidator or dealer networks.

  5. Results. True market value is determined in an open, competitive forum.

Seller Benefits

  • Auctions draw attention.
  • Creates Competition among buyers.
  • Exposes property to a large number of qualified prospects.
  • Eliminates high carrying costs.
  • Auctions bring interested buyers to a point of decision.
  • Seller determines when property will sell.
  • Auctions take the seller out of the negotiation process.

Buyer Benefits

  • Purchases property at true market value.
  • Eliminates long negotiation periods.
  • Buyers know sellers are motivated to sell.
  • Buyers set their own purchase price.

Asset Management

Our Everyday Standards: Efficiency, Competency, and Integrity

Grafe Companies is able to handle any asset management need. Our nationwide staff initially prepares a needs analysis and is able to provide valuations, appraisals, rigging, installation, warehousing, site clean-out and trucking in a timely, cost effective and professional manner.

If you need one piece or an entire facility moved, installed or stored, you have found one company to do it all.

The key to asset management is the initial analysis of the asset...

  • Where is the asset located?
  • What needs to be done with the asset?
  • What are the values of the assets, both liquidated and in place?

Once you have established the value of the assets, asset management becomes a function of trading dollars.

What does it cost for you to do what you want with the asset and does that cost fit within the parameters of your project?
Grafe Companies offers unique and specialized tools to provide you with all of the answers.

Since 1959 we have been selling assets all over the nation, involving hundreds of industries, thousands of contacts and countless individual assets. Our staff can quickly determine value, costs of the project to be conducted and the most profitable or cost effective management technique for each individual project.

Our company has grown to include contract rates with professional trucking companies, warehouse corporations, equipment rigging and salvaging crews to provide you with a quick, cost effective response to all of your asset management needs.

Real Estate

Our Everyday Standards: Efficiency, Competency, and Integrity

Grafe Companies real estate group includes brokers, agents, consultants and appraisers. Nationwide networking and aggressive marketing allow for immediate access to buyers and sellers.

Dick Walters, Director of Business Development Operations states,

"One of our industry's largest areas of growth lies in the real estate sector. Professionals within the industry realize the tremendous advantage of the auction method when marketing property. Reduced holding costs, condensed marketing time and control are all reasons owners, lenders and real estate professional are excited to discuss our options."

Auctions, traditional listings, sealed bid sales or bankruptcy, our staff includes specialists to meet your!


Our Everyday Standards: Efficiency, Competency, and Integrity

Grafe's in-house marketing department specializes in tailored direct mail, newspaper, on-site signage and press releases.

  • Our comprehensive mailing list of millions has been developed over forty years.

  • Our award-winning web site is visited daily by thousands and includes online buying and selling as well as detailed auction information.



We’ll keep you in the loop for all future auctions!